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SKUSA Confirms Record Breaking SuperNationals Purse For Both Pro-Shifter, X30 Senior, And KA100 Senior.
Friday, 29 July 2022 04:11

With the historical 25th edition of the SKUSA SuperNationals taking place this November, SKUSA are pleased to confirm what can only be described as an absolutely epic purse and prize package. To coincide with the 25th annual race, SKUSA have announced that both the Pro Shifter class as well as the X30 senior race will be competing each for a massive $25,000 purse. The breakdown is as follows for each respective class:

For BOTH X30 Senior and Pro Shifter
  • $15,000 to Win
  • $5,000 for 2nd
  • $2,500 for 3rd
  • $1,500 for 4th
  • $1,000 for 5th
“Racing has never been inexpensive, and this is not lost on me,” explained SKUSA’s principal Tom Kutscher. “I realize now more than ever people are spending large amounts of money to compete at a high level. To commemorate our 25th SuperNationals and arguably our biggest race ever, we wanted to offer something legendary for this year’s event. We are pleased to offer a truly professional purse to both our flagship classes.”

In addition to the $25,000 purse, SKUSA will once again be partnering with BRM Chronographs to offer (2x) 1 of 1 unique timepieces as prizes. The breakdown is as follows:
  • The pole-sitter for the X30 senior class will be receiving a 1 of 1 timepiece
  • The pole-sitter for the pro shifter class will be receiving a 1 of 1 timepiece
Each timepiece will be a custom emblazoned SuperNationals specific watch that is not available in retail stores. The only way to obtain one is to earn it at the event.

While SKUSA bills itself as a professional series, SKUSA are also incredibly proud to offer a purse to the ever-popular KA100 senior class. The breakdown for that is as follows.
  • $2,000 to Win
  • $1,000 for 2nd
  • $500 for 3rd
“Giving back is such a hollow statement at times,” added SKUSA’s Kutscher. “But we hope the numbers in this case don’t lie and people see it for themselves. If that weren’t enough, we’re also revisiting the championship bonus which is a way for our most dedicated racers to earn even more, come Super Sunday.”

SKUSA will offer a special “pro” incentive for 2022 SKUSA ProTour champions who managed to also pull of the feat of winning the 2022 SKUSA SuperNationals. An additional win bonus will be added as follows:

An additional $5,000 bonus will be added to the winner’s purse of both the X30 Senior and the Pro Shifter category for any driver who wins both the 2022 national champion and the SuperNationals 25 main event. This makes the possible pay day for a race winner at the SuperNationals a whopping $20,000 USD.