SuperNats XXIV

2022 TBA

2022 Winter Series


2022 Pro Tour


SKUSA Mexico


PKC California


Texas Sprint Racing




supernationals 24 December 1-5, 2021
Las Vegas Motor Speedway
7000 Las Vegas Blvd N
Las Vegas, NV 89115
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Clark County Fire Regulations

Event Bulletin

  • LIVE STREAM - SKUSA YouTube and Facebook pages
  • 12/2 6:00 PM - LAP COUNTS - Heats/LCQs (10 Laps)  // Finals (24 Laps) - Micro/Mini (20 Laps), 
  • 11/30 5:00 PM - We have discovered a typographical error at of the Rulebook regarding bodywork. The date reference states 2015–2020, it should state 2015–2022.
  • 11/29 8:30 PM - Directions to Track for SPECTATORS: From Downtown Las Vegas, take I-15 N >> Exit E Craig Road and go RIGHT >> Then make a LEFT onto Las Vegas Blvd N.>> Make a LEFT at the GATE 8 tower and general parking is on the right.


2021 Race Numbers and Panels
SKUSA is mandating the use of "CIK Style" numbers for all events we directly promote. This includes the Winter Series, Pro Tour, ProKart Challenge and SuperNationals. The reasons for this vary, but mostly because of the difficultly in reading your numbers on track and in video. This was caused equally by our color combinations and the 'freelance' nature of some of your custom number panels.

The rules below describe the new standard for number panels. Emphasis in bold. Panel Colors: Effective 01/01/18, Numbers shall be black on a yellow background, at least 15 cm (5.9”) tall and have a 2 cm (.787”) wide stroke represented with an Arial font. No shaded or outlined numbers are allowed. The competition number shall be bordered by a yellow background of 1 cm (.393”) minimum. They must be in place prior to any official session, on both front and rear panels, as well as on both sides towards the rear of the bodywork. The driver is responsible for ensuring that the required numbers are clearly visible at all times to timekeepers and officials.

A popular example for individual numbers are shown above.  If your kart's factory decals provide yellow panels, then basic die-cut vinyl numbers are very cost effective.

Number Ranges Per Class

The number ranges assigned to each class are listed below.  Single digit numbers are still reserved for class champions.  


National Classes

Local Option Classes

    10-99 - Micro Swift
100-199 - Mini Swift
200-299 - Pro Shifter (SSE/KZ)
300-399 - X30 Senior
500-599 - X30 Master
600-699 - Master Shifter (SSE/KZ)
700-799 - X30 Junior
800-899 - KA100 Junior
900-999 - KA100 Senior
100-199 - Shifter S125
200-299 - KA100 Master
400-499 - Shifter M125
500-599 - S5 Junior

400-499 - KZ

2021 National and Regional Class Champions

The top three points finishers in each 2020 Pro Tour class will be awarded and allowed to run there THREE DIGIT National numbers starting with their first on-track session in Homestead for the 2021 SKUSA Winter Series. For the 2021 Season and going forward, the first three numbers of each pool are reserved for National Plate holders.  For example, X30 Senior champions will run 301, 302 and 303, respectively.  The only drivers that will use 1, 2 and 3 will be Micro Swift.  National Plate holders will be required to run them at National events the entire 2021 season, and optionally at any SKUSA regional races they participate in.

New for SuperNats 24 and the 2022 Season
National Plate holders can optionally run their single-digit kart number (1, 2, 3) on their front fairing only.  This can be a black number on yellow background, or yellow number on black background.  No other colors please. Their 3-digit kart number should be used on the sides and rear. The 3-digit numbers will be used on your tech sheet and in registration, scoring, tire/fuel desks etc.

Regional class champions - TBA

Reserved Race Numbers are Back for 2021!

By popular demand, we are now reserving numbers for the entire 2021 season across all SKUSA promoted events, including the SuperNats.  We are only offering this for a limited time; for all new and renewal memberships submitted in November of 2020.  There is a nominal fee of $10 per class.  If you don't wish to reserve your number this way, you may continue to do so with our normal procedure listed below. In both scenarios, numbers are reserved on a first come first served basis.

How do I choose my number?

When you sign up for your first race in any of our series, you will choose your number from available numbers in that class's pool. That will then be your reserved number for the rest of the year, in that series. Since you are picking a number for each series, it's possible you will end up with different numbers in different series. Numbers are always 'first come, first served' and we will not honor requests to 'hold' a number for you. 

Note: As the SuperNationals is considered a STAND-ALONE race, all race numbers will revert back to the FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED policy with no priority to competitors having run in the ProKart Challenge, Pro Tour, or Winter Series (Unless you purchased a number reservation at the beginning of the year).

Individual Numbers vs Custom Number Panels

Because of the possibility of you having a different number for PKC and the Pro Tour, for example, we don't recommend you purchase pre-printed number panels prior to race number confirmation from SKUSA. We also highly suggest using individual number decals that many of your favorite decal printers are now making. There will likely be 1 or more vendors selling them on site at all races, although we recommend sourcing them from your favorite shop or printer ahead of each event.