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Superkarts! USA - Rulebook & Updates

SKUSA Rulebook Updates: 10/2/2023 Print
Monday, 02 October 2023 18:06
The following changes were made in the SKUSA Rulebook published on October 2, 2023.

Panel Numbers & Colors: Numbers shall be black on a yellow background, at least 5.5” (5.0” for Micro and Mini Swift) tall and have a 2 cm (.787”) wide stroke represented with an Arial font. No shaded or outlined numbers are allowed. The competition number shall be bordered by a yellow background of 1 cm (.393”) minimum. They must be in place prior to any official session, on both front and rear panels, as well as on both sides towards the rear of the bodywork. The driver is responsible for ensuring that the required numbers are always clearly visible to timekeepers and officials.
Weights: Weight mounting bolts, double nuts or nut with safety wire. If mounted to the seat, large washers should be utilized to prevent the fasteners from pulling through the seat. Weights MUST be painted white and marked with appropriate kart number. Weights less than 7 pounds may be secured by one 5/16” (8mm) bolt. Weights weighing 7 or more pounds must be secured by two 5/16” (8mm) bolts. The loss of a weight or improper attachment during any on-track session shall result In a penalty. The loss of a weight shall result in a penalty. Weights not marked with appropriate kart number shall result in a penalty.
Spark Plug Caps: Only the following are allowed: PVL (IAME part# 10544) or NGK (part# TB05EMA) and K+S (part# 10-3121MA).
Engine related DQ’s shall result in a loss of points for all prior sessions of the round or multi-day event when under the same seal.
Added penalty (1 Warning then Procedural Fine) for failure to have tech tools per 602.12.14.2
Loss of Battery, Missing Extra Battery Strap, Battery or Weight not marked with appropriate kart number