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California ProKart Challenge

Event Improvements On The Way!
Sunday, 21 January 2007 17:00

The huge turnout of 184 drivers at the January 6th season opener brought with it both successes and challenges. Obviously, we are thankful for the successes. However, we are equally thankful for the challenges as they give us valuable information on where we can improve. We do apologize for any issues you experienced at the January event and are making the changes stated below to insure these issues are eliminated at future events.

Long waits to get in Friday morning

  • Gates will open at 7:30am on Friday (instead of 9:00am) to allow for sufficient time to get your pit set up and be ready to roost when the track goes green at 9:00am.
  • For FASTER service at check-in:
    • Practice pre-entry is now an option
      • We have added Moran BACKWARDS practice on 2/2/07 to the PKC website on-line shopping cart so that you can pre-enter/pre-pay for practice.
      • If you fax in your entry, you can note that you want to purchase a 2/2 practice entry and a $50 practice fee will be added to your total.
    • There will be an express line for vehicles that have pre-entered for Saturday's event or Friday's practice. In this line, you will only need to pick up your insurance armbands (and race pre-reg packet if applicable), sign the insurance waiver form and enter the pits.
      • Note1: Anyone in the vehicle that has not purchased an insurance arm band (insurance is valid for Friday and Saturday) will need to exit the vehicle and go to the pit pass line, while someone with an armband drives the vehicle into the pits and secure a pit space.
      • Note2: If you are in the express lane and need to purchase anything that was not purchased prior to Friday (tires, fuel, SKUSA membership, transponder rental, etc.), you will be asked to come back to the registration area after parking your vehicle in the pits.
      • Note 3: If you are in the express lane and have not pre-entered practice, you will be asked to go to the end of the standard registration line.
Unsafe Driving In Pits
    • There is NO HOT PIT at Moran.
    • Please keep your speeds down when driving in the pits or we will be forced to implement a "dead engine" policy
    • If you are cited for unsafe driving in the pits, you will start at the back of the field in the next race session.
Shortage of MG "MZ" tires
    • A large shipment of MZ's is arriving at the end of this weekwhich should provide more than enough tires for the foreseeable future.
    • PKC very much appreciates the S4 class' cooperation in running FZ's at the 1/6 event. In light of this, S4's ONLY will have a one-time option of FZ's (to use up tires from 1/6) or MZ's for the 2/3 event. This applies to S4's ONLY and the 2/3 event ONLY. All other classes and all other events require MZ's (except the normal TaG tire options).
First come - First serve pit spaces
    • PKC desires to maintain a fair and equitable first-come, first serve pit space policy ("FCFS").
    • The alternative is reserved/assigned pit spaces which will require significantly more expense (accounting and enforcement costs) that would need to be passed on to you, the customer
    • Please help us make FCFS work by adhering to the following rules:
      • No overnight parking on Thursday night.
      • The width of your space should not exceed the number of karts in your trailer times 10 feet. If your trailer, including tongue, door and exit area exceeds this maximum, the trailer must be parked perpendicular to the pit lane.
      • Spaces you have reserved for friends and associates that are not on site cannot be held past 12:00pm on a practice day and 9:00am on a race day.
      • If you reserve a space without a vehicle/trailer, you should use something more substantial than a couple of gas cans and be sure to leave identification with your name on it.
      • If you have the urge to snag someone's unattended, marked space, first ask the surrounding crews who it belongs to and then consult with a PKC staff member. Arbitrarily moving a person's "stuff" can lead to combat and we want our events to be fought out on the track -- NOT in the pits.
Shortened Main Events
    • We are eliminating the second practice session and going directly to qualifying. This will provide about a 90 minute cushion during the daylight starved Winter months to cope with unforeseen events like the broken timing loop at the 1/6 event.
    • Moran has installed a new timing loop since the last event.
"No Hot Pits" Violations
  • Although we may have a hot pit at some events this year, it is not practical to do so at Moran.
  • No Hot Pit means:
    • Once you leave the track in a timed session (qualifying, heat or main), you cannot re-enter the track
    • Violators will be DQ'd for the related session
    • No appeals
"No Scale" Violations
  • If you bypass the scales when exiting the track during or at the conclusion of a timed session (qualifying, heat or main), you will be DQ'd for that session.
  • No appeals.
Inadequate PA System
  • Moran management has assured us this will be corrected prior to the next event
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