SuperNats XXVI


2024 Winter Series


2024 Pro Tour


SKUSA Mexico

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2023 TSRS


Supernats XX Terms and Conditions
By submittal of an event entry application, or any purchase through this website, you agree to hold SKUSA, together with its owners, heirs, assigns, officers, representatives, agents, employees and members, harmless from all liability. This includes, but is not limited to: injury to persons, property, employees and/or reputation that may be sustained by you; from all claims of said injuries to parties listed above growing out of, or as a result of the event contemplated under the entry form; or caused by any construction or conditions of the course over which the event is held.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

  • All race entries must have valid and accurate driver info to be processed, i.e., legal name and accurate date of birth. Otherwise, they will be rejected or held pending corrected/completed information. Any entries/orders that are rejected for inaccurate, false or misleading information will be cancelled in full, and the charges will be refunded within 3 business days, less an 8% processing/merchant fee.
  • October 1 is the deadline to cancel an entry and still qualify for a refund. A flat $200 CANCELLATION FEE will apply to cancel a race entry after it is submitted and is in process. The balance due to the customer for additional items purchased with the race entry will be refunded in full to the credit card used, upon written confirmation of cancellation, up to Oct. 1st (including tires, transponder rentals, etc.). 
  • NO refunds will be granted on SKUSA annual memberships. However, they remain in effect for a full 12 months from purchase.
  • NO refunds will be granted on cancelled entries after Oct. 1st -- unless SKUSA can verify and process an immediate replacement entrant from the wait list in that class. In this case, the $200 cancellation fee will still apply. Refunds will be granted on other items (race tires, practice or rain tires, transponder rentals, etc.) accompanying a cancelled entry after Oct. 1st.
  • NO refunds will be granted on cancelled entries at all after Oct 30th.
  • NO transfer – or resale – of an entry from one driver to another is allowed. These are NON-transferable entries. The cancellation process and fees outlined above will apply for any driver that needs to cancel or withdraw their entry.
  • Fee to change the driver’s class – There will be a $100 Fee to change or correct the driver’s class from one class to another after a driver’s entry has been submitted and is in process, in addition to any other relevant fees to run in the new class with the correct tires, and as long as there is room within the new class for the changed entry.
SKUSA reserves the right to revise event parameters without prior notice